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Hello and thank you for visiting our page! We are glad you came to visit and would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to reach out - we LOVE to visit about our little family!

We did a lot of research, looked around and asked a lot of questions to find just the right dogs for our pack. We feel we have chosen nice, healthy stock, all showing an excellent combination of health, temperament, size and life spans to provide quality, healthy puppies to perfect homes! And yes, we are picky about where our babies go and what future awaits them!

Our babies will go home with microchips, three sets of vaccinations, three rounds of de-wormer, limited AKC registration application and physical exams to be sure they are all on the right track! We do not personally see the liver shunt tests as being necessary unless they are showing signs or symptoms of concern. Less than 2% of the breed is affected and the tests are not fully accurate until after the pup reaches 4 months of age. If their new home would prefer it, we are more than willing to have it done before they go home at the buyers cost!

NONE of our babies have had or will go home with any type of infections, virus, mites, flees, illnesses or deficiencies - we guarantee it and stand behind our babies! We also offer a 12-month genetic health guarantee.

We have babies that are going on to the show ring, have been successfully trained for hunting and are even trained and used as service dogs to detect and notify of seizures and other health disorders!

In case you don't live near enough to personally pick up your baby, we do recommend you check out for small, personal transport businesses or schedule an in-cabin flight with American or Alaska airlines. And, yes, we already have nationwide travelers!

Even if you are not ready to expand your family now, we would still like to hear from you, answer any questions and even introduce you to our family! Visits are welcome any time, any day - just reach out to be sure we are home!



....Meet our little gang....

Williston, ND - prior to 01/2022

The original 3 - Dixie, Bonnie & Eli

Mt. Pleasant, TX - after 01/2022


Mt. Pleasant, TX - after 04/2023


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