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Bonnie x Eli DOB: 05/15/2021

  • F - Purple - Wheaten/Gray - $500 PAID/$200 PAID - Trasport - Delana McFarland, 453 East Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90011, 323-447-6822,

  • M - Black - Wheaten/Gray - Pending Deposit - Fly out of Minot - Hillary Kelley, 165 Falmouth rd, Falmouth ME 04105, 

  • F - Green - Red Wheaten - PAID IN FULL - Trasport - Kathrin & Allen King, 19 Fittkau Rd, Swan Lake, NY 12783, 845-798-5410; 845-866-2088

  • F - Brown - Red Wheaten - $500 PAID - Pick Up - Ryan and Diana Evans, 301 Freedom Court, Riceville, IA, 50466, MN moving to IA, 507-271-4355

  • M - Blue - Brindle - $500 PAID - Transport - Anthony C. Searson, 4500 Cayucos Ave, Atascadero, CA 93422, 805-550-9013

  • F - Pink - Brindle - PAID IN FULL - Flying out of Bismarck 07/10/2021 Carol Day, Alaska - 907-947-3667

  • F - Gray - Black Brindle

Dixie x Eli DOB: 01/19/2021

  • PAID IN FULL/FB: Female, Orange, Black Brindle - Stephanie (Surprise for Tyler) Hammerich, Lake Preston, SD 605-353-4266 - Leslie taking.

  • Deposit Paid/FB: Male, Red - Brendan Doherty, Jacksonville, FL - Transport picking up in RC

  • PAID IN FULL: Male, Black Brindle, lime/no color - Brian & Barb Gaskell,  Crane, Oregon. Transport to MT from RC.

  • Deposit Paid/Check: Male, Royal Blue, originally wanted a biggest lazy boy - Marie Darling, Rapid City, SD 605-430-9193. 

  • PAID IN FULL: Female, Pink - Keawana, Des Moins, 515-204-3322 - Going with Leslie

  • Deposit Pending until payday/FB: Wheaten, lime, injured Marci Gutierrez, Brookings - Leslie bring to SF, will send money with Leslie?

  • Yellow brindle male, Coy

  • No payment: Male, Black, Wheaten - Box Elder - Pay when pick up IN RAPID CITY

  • PAID IN FULL: Male, black brindle, Light Blue - Anthony Fiscus, Watford City, ND - coming to visit Wednesday 

  • Deposit Paid/text: Male, white/purple - Lindsay DORSEY, Ohio, 937-248-5118 - transport. Will finish payment in PayPal

Born 12/06/2021


This is our current litter out of Bonnie, by Eli, that was born May 15th, 2021 and can go home starting on the weekend of July 10th, 2021. Puppy colors can change quite a bit in their first year so the colors listed are as close as we can make and are not guaranteed. They will come with 2 full vet checks/exams, 3 de-wormings, their first set of shots and a microchip. It is guaranteed that no puppy will go home sick or showing signs or symptoms of giardia, coccidia, other bacterial or viral infections, mites or flees and we will stand behind our program and our babies. We do offer a 12 month genetic guarantee as well. If your vet sees any problems with your baby, let us know immediately!

Eli is a Red Wheaten Brindle, stands 36" at the withers and has an average weight of 175lbs.

Eli has a very fun-loving personality and is kind and happy to the core. He has never met a stranger and probably never will. There is no aggression in him and there is no fear when meeting new people or going to new places. He is a social butterfly!

Bonnie is a Wheaten Brindle, stands at 33" at the withers and has an average weight of 135lbs.

Bonnie is a fabulous mother and loves taking care of her babies! She does have more of a hunting and prey drive than Eli or Dixie and is great at watching for the gophers and rats in the hay stacks. They do all work well as a team keeping the rodents, animals and other dogs off the property. Bonnie is the alpha and is a bit more watchful and protective of people and property. She is very caring and loves her people very much - she always aims to make you happy.

All of our dogs are very attentive to feelings and emotions and seem to know when you are having a good or a bad day. They do love to go in the car and they travel very well. Their favorite places to visit are Dairy Queen and Tractor Supply.

Waiting List

  • Nakeisha Lyon FB - next litter

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