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If you have one of our babies or are working with us on a future baby, please go to our contact page to email your feedback or reference!

Leslie B.

Eli x Bonnie

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I originally worked with you and ended up picking the perfect pup. Then when I came to pick up my little furry friend, I couldn't help but take his brother home as well. I have 2 wolfies that were born 10/9/20. One is a red wheaten and the other is a red wheaten brindle. They are amazing boys! They are currently 18 weeks old and Klyde weighs 59 lbs and Karl weighs 65 lbs. They are house and kennel trained. I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me. My life is full and complete.

UPDATE: 6 months old Klyde 83 lbs and Karl 92 lbs over 31" tall. Goofy, lovable, crazy boys. The light of my life!

Darla T.

Eli x Bonnie

Our Murphy is a beautiful girl. She came home with us in December and is growing so fast! She is such a loving pup and loves to go along to do chores and play a game of tag. She is happy and healthy and we would recommend JB wolfhounds to anyone looking to add a sweet and playful wolfhound to their family. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone. We have an 18 month old grandson and she loves him too.


Murphy is growing by leaps and bounds. Even at her young age she is very gentle with our 18 month old grandson. She's awesome!

Rebecca O.

Eli x Bonnie

We drove from Ohio to North Dakota to pick up our Murphy; it was a giant leap of faith because we chose him from a photo after several conversations with Elizabeth. She was very accommodating to our schedule for pick up and kept us informed with weekly updates. Our vet said he was quite healthy and at this time no hip issues. Murphy fits right in with us, he is well mannered, and even fetches. He is a puppy and of course ornery, but we absolutely adore him. 


Becca D.

Eli x Bonnie

Our little Lord Whiskey was from Elizabeth's liter on 10/09/20. I literately had to trust Elizabeth with the pictures she had, and information that she was sending me. Living over 600 miles from her, we were not able to come and look at the pups. We were in heaven when we got our little guy! He was everything Elizabeth said and more. She was so easy to work with and would send weekly updates on his progress and pictures. We couldn't imagine our life with out him. If we ever decide to get another wolfie, we will for sure be reaching out to Elizabeth. You can follow along on Whiskey's adventures on Instagram @lordwhiskey_the_wardog

Hillary K.

Eli x Bonnie

If you are lucky enough to add a wolfhound to your clan you will only be luckier if that pup comes from JB Wolfhounds! Beth was so helpful, knowledgeable and available during the whole puppy process. We fell in love with Archimedes from his first picture and loved that Beth updated us with new pictures and videos of his progress. She was great with helping us get him from ND to ME. We love our pup and are so happy to have found him. We recommend JB Wolfhounds as a great breeder with healthy, happy and perfect family pets.

Sara J.

Eli x Dixie

That was really fun playing with your beautiful, playful pups! Dixie was so patient with us, she is an awesome mom! All three of your giants are delightful. Thanks for letting us play!!!

Marie D.

Eli x Dixie

My very first dog was an IW mix, and I've been wanting a purebred ever since. Turns out finding a well-bred puppy is super hard though! After months of searching Beth approached me as she saw my inquiry on an IW Facebook page. Naturally, I was cautious at first. However, she was so open to providing me with information about her dogs that I quickly knew I had found the place to get our future puppy from! It was obvious that her three pups are family members, and their best interest and that of their offspring is Beth's main priority. She provided us with weekly updates on every puppy in the litter, along with a plentitude of photos. If my frequent inquiries were a nuisance to her, she never let on. 😆 She had asked what I was looking for in our future puppy, and at 6 weeks Jon and her assessed each baby to match them with their future owners. That's when we learned that Finnegan (royal blue) would be coming home to us. I would say they matched us perfectly, and we could not be happier with this sweet boy. He is healthy, smart and happy, could not hurt a fly. He loves everybody and tries so hard to please. Before the first week was over he learned sit, lay down and shake. Incredible! Not to mention, he is stunning!

We are looking forward to be part of his life, and can only recommend Beth and Jon's breeding program to anybody.

Marci G.

Eli x Dixie

We got Faoláin or fea for short. And couldn't be more in love! He is so smart at about 10 weeks old. Knows come here, touch and soft paws. He also alerts for my sugars which is amazing! He is bonded with out blind and deaf puppy and they go everywhere together. I can't wait to get another amazing puppy from them in the future! *UPDATE: They have two!! *

Stephanie H.

Eli x Dixie

We got our first IW from Elizabeth and we are absolutely sold on this amazing breed and breeder. This has to the smartest and sweetest puppy we have ever had, not to mention absolutely beautiful. We will absolutely do business with her in the future and will recommend others to do so as well. She was easy to talk to, and worked really hard to get us our puppy.

Brendan D.

Eli x Dixie

I spent a year looking for a breeder that met my requirements, good blood lines, good looking and most of all happy dogs from a responsible breeder. I was thrilled to find JB Wolfhounds, Elizabeth is amazing! I never felt pressured, she gave me time to consider everything and great advice. Once we made our choice she kept us updated with pictures and videos of our sweet boy and never tired of my many questions. I can’t recommend JB Wolfhounds highly enough.

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